1:1 Fine art portfolio building studio session

Step into the world of fine art studio shoot sessions created for film photographers wanting to take your business to the next level. Our personal 1:1 sessions are specifically created for wedding photographers curated in an editorial style of design by Debbie Hemingway at our beautiful white studio space in Honolulu, Hawaii. French music, champagne & magic are sure to follow!

A day of intentional shooting & styling for your 1:1 portfolio studio session includes
• model
• professional hair & makeup artist service
• bridal gowns & accessories
• lush florals ~ bridal bouquet, table top, styling boards, boutonnière tray & more
• calligraphy stationary set
• wedding accessory details to shoot
• use of our studio heirloom collections,antiques, accessories, a closet of french lace & silks are at your disposal
• perfect styling, florals & creative direction curated by designer Debbie Hemingway

Investment $3500