1:1 Hawaii location styled shoot

Our 1:1 location styled shoot is tailored specifically for photographer’s wedding portfolios, designed & curated by florist/stylist Debbie Hemingway. We will gather for a day of shooting on site at a picturesque location on the island of Oahu . The shoot will be curated in an editorial style for submission to wedding publications at beautiful scenic locations in Hawaii. This is a private session designed just for only you!
 Build your Hawaii Destination Wedding portfolio with our exquisite designs, styling & locations!

1:1 Hawaii location styled shoot includes
• female model
• professional hair & makeup artist service
• bridal gowns & accessories
• lush florals ~ bridal bouquet, styling boards, boutonnière tray
* complete Table top floral set up Or Ceremony floral set up 
• calligraphy stationary set
• scenic locations on Oahu / beach venue
* state of Hawaii beach permit 
Oahu  $5500. 

Upgrade package to an elopement shoot
Male model with styled wardrobe $700.